Biomaxa Chain Lube – 80ml


Your bicycle is an expensive piece of equipment. Keeping your bike clean and performing in top condition means the difference between enjoying your ride or hating your walk home. Grime eventually builds up accelerating the wear on your chain and drive train components. Keeping your chain clean and well lubricated greatly reduces the chain and sprocket wear on your bike.

Biomaxa Bicycle Biolubricant is an all weather multipurpose chain lube for your bicycle. Made from lanolin, our Biolubricant is clean for the environment and 100% sustainable and renewable.

  • One lube for wet & dry conditions
  • Biodegradable
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Low friction
  • Race proven by world champion riders
  • Super smooth and quiet

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Assembly by our cycle mechanics will incur a charge, this will include a free 6-week service check when assembled by us.